Let your Business prosper through our Cloud Computing Services

Our accessible and secured cloud computing and hosting services include

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Through PaaS, Varma IT Solutions provide all the hardware and software required for building and operating cloud-based applications. Our Cloud specialists help you develop your app with minimal expenses and a little porting for pre-existing applications. Users pay based on the usage of the platform and control the utility of the applications. PaaS provides the database, programming languages, and the OS. Example: Google Cloud.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Through IaaS, we deal with computation, networking, storage, security, and other tools. Our Cloud experts provide you the infrastructure for maintaining the software tools. IaaS architecture facilitates the growth and development of Business. Users own and manage the software, applications, and resources of the infrastructure and pay based on its usage. IaaS serves as the repository of data framework, thereby reducing the need for installations on-site. Example: Amazon Web Services.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Through SaaS, we provide the services of storing files, backing them up, managing projects, and web-based emails. Our Cloud professionals install and manage the software for our clients. Users share, store, access, and secure their information and details in the cloud through the software provided. They pay on a monthly or an annual basis. Example: Microsoft Office 365.

Deployment, Support and Maintenance

After thoroughly testing your application's performance, Varma IT Solutions adeptly guides you in the deployment of the app. Our help extends in submitting the app and in certification procedures prescribed by Microsoft Corporation. Furthermore, we assure the smooth functioning of your app post the deployment process. When your business grows, we render support, add new features, and provide optimisation services for your app from time to time.


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