Our team of developers incorporates the latest trends in mobile technology. We aim towards transforming the digital landscape of your business through our advanced digital interventions.

We enlist our best Mobile App Development trends:

  • Boosting through Blockchain Architecture: Blockchain architecture allows you to record your company's information securely, tracking the data, and controlling the quality. The USP of a blockchain architecture lies in its shareable but unmodifiable nature. Payment applications utilise blockchain for secured and swift transactions. Smart contracts and cryptocurrencies are other creations of blockchain.

Viability of blockchain:

  • Creating Decentralised Mobile Applications (DApp)
  • Tokenisation of Asset
  • Crypto-currency trading
  • Gaming and Crypto space
  • M-commerce or Digital Wallets for cashless and contactless transactions
  • Ardent use of AR and VR: Augmented and Virtual Reality are the game changers of mobile application technology. They enhance the user experience by creating an artificial and interactive environment. The "beyond the screen" technology of AR/VR apps exponentially increases your business's sales.

Viability of AR/VR Trends:

  • Mobile disruption
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Advertisement and Marketing
  • Future rests on AI, ML, and Chatbots: AI ensures improved applications' entry-level performances by making them smarter. Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa are examples of AI services. ML and AI integrated applications help businesses save time, energy, effort, and reduce operational expenses and improve customer engagement.

AI-based Chatbots have transformed business interactions with clients. Cab services, online shopping, and food delivery services quench the queries of clients efficiently through Chatbots.

Use of AI and ML:

  • Automated Machine Learning
  • AI-enabled Chips
  • AI automated DevOps through AIOps
  • Interoperation among networks
  • Cost-effective Cloud Services: Cloud services serve as the vault for a vast database of companies. The integration of such services in mobile applications facilitates increased storage capacities, collaboration enhances security and management and reduces hosting costs. Furthermore, Cloud makes mobile apps reliable, secure, and robust applications can swiftly function on the Cloud.

Use of the Cloud:

  • Streamlining business operations
  • Hybrid Solutions of Cloud
  • Quantum Computing
  • Low cost of Equipment
  • Increased productivity of apps
  • Intrigue Industries with IoT: Internet of Things is a vast interlinking network of mechanical, computing, and digital devices for enabling faster exchange and access to information. Education industries and e-commerce have prospered from IoT with significant market shares. IoT in mobile applications helps people access non-IT Equipment like bands, wearables, smartwatches, etc.

Use of IoT:

  • Healthcare
  • Secured Routers
  • Self-operated vehicles
  • Smart Homes and Areas
  • Benefit with EMM and APM: Application Performance Management and Enterprise Mobile Management are integral to mobile app development processes. APM helps improve the functionality of applications by fixing the slow performance issues and tests the Quality Assurance of apps. EMM involves the facilitation of mobile computing for business organizations and mobile financial applications' safety and security.

Use of EMM and APM:

  • Management of finances
  • Security of Applications
  • Maintenance of Applications
  • Easy Exchange of Data and Apps over Mobiles
  • Amplify with AMP: Accelerated Mobile Page is the shortened version of HTML that increases mobile pages' speed. With AMP, developers can create heavy websites and web pages with a low bounce rate, fast loading, and terrific performance on all mobile devices.

Application of AMP:

  • Integration of AMP in mobile search results helps decrease the loading time of web pages
  • Better Conversion Rate
  • Reduction in Bounce Rate
  • Optimal User Retention
  • Friendly User experience
  • Building with Beacon: Beacons (wireless transmitters) utilise Bluetooth technology to send and receive signals in the exchange of information. Beacons are the crucial and user-friendly mobile application development trend that finds immense utility in location technologies and proximity marketing strategies.

Application of Beacons:

  • Handy in Retail Sector (when merged with IoT)
  • Museums
  • Hotels
  • Healthcare
  • Sales information exchange
  • Beacons in Mobile Payment
  • Treasure Hunting beacons